After taking a brief hiatus on membership product. I am so excited to announce the changes to our Monthly Membership Program!

My new member subscription program that will joyfully offer more options for everyone :)

  • No longer will you be tied to ONE theme a month. (YAY!)
  • 2020 Memberships will be a flat rate of $10 a month. (Easy!)
  • Your account is credited $20 in spending $$ that never expires. (WOW!)
  • You receive 30% off coupon each month for your entire purchase

And I am free to create more :)
Smaller sets, more kits and themes and less one time huge releases that just start to stress me out :) I think this is a win/win for all of us.

Existing members will be grandfathered in at their current subscription price :)  You will also be credited for months of your membership where collections were not offered.

New Members, Subscribe to our monthly membership and start saving now!

If you do NOT see these added credits in your account. Please contact Customer Service. Thank you!