My name is Tracy, I am a SAHM to a gorgeous girl I affectionately call Pickle. We live in a wonderful sleepy little beach town, Papamoa which is in New Zealand. I love to scrapbook, and combine it with my other hobby, cooking!  

Favorite Tools

  • Canon Rebel 
  • iPad/iPhone
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Lightroom2 for photo editing

Favorite Inspiration

Pinterest and fashion blogs! I’m a huge fashion addict and seamstress, and often find ideas in the fabric.

Printing & Sharing

I print 3 albums a year, in 12×12 Hardcover from snapfish. 1 yearly book, 1 December album, and 1 book for my recipes!
I post on my blog.

Tips & Tricks

I never use a background paper till last! Its surprising how one thing can change a page. I merge everything, then try different background papers till I am happy!