Month-to-Month Subscription Membership

From: $10.00 / month

Welcome to our new membership program!

  • No longer will you be tied to ONE theme a month. (YAY!)
  • Our membership rates are a flat rate every month (easy!)
  • Your account is credited $20 in spending $$ that never expires. (WOW!)
  • You will also receive one  30% off coupon each month for your entire purchase.
    (Be sure to check the member’s page for the new code!)
  • You can bank credits that you don’t use to spend on future releases, they never expire.
  • You choose how and when to spend your membership dollars.

Not sure which license to purchase?

Digital Designers, Planner Peeps, and Photographers should purchase my Professional Use License for anything they intend to distribute, including freebies. Terms of Use can be found here.

Read my manifesto for my licensing philosophy.


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